Thursday, January 21, 2010

Internet Love

While browsing the net, I found this story and sharing to you!

by Ashley
A young girl. 13 years old always wanted love in her life and never knew how to get it. Oh how she wanted to be loved and wanted to love. One day she went in a chat room not looking for a special relationship with someone, just felt like talking. She met a nice young man, told her he was 19 and he was nice to her and she liked him. They exchanged e-mails and kept in contact. Everytime the girl would talk to him and have fun, she only thought as him as a good friend but, one day he started telling her how he really felt about her.

By this time it had been three months they had been talking. She started realizing she had some feelings for him to but, she didn't want to think this was a sex offender or anything so she just told him what she really felt about him and why she wasn't opening up to him. He understood but, was sad. He said he never wanted to hurt her. After a while they stopped talking and she grew sad because she missed him. He said he was caught up with college and work and couldn't be on much. he came back on and she told him that she loved him, she just knew her feelings for him then.

They had a relationship over the internet for a while, they were so happy. Then he stopped talking to her again for a while. He came back on and told her he was gone cuz of school and work again. She understood and was just happy he was back. He said he had to go for a little bit but wanted her to talk to his roommate and become friends with him. So she agreed. They talked and as she talked to him, he seemed so much like her love, he talked the same way and made her feel good the same way. Then she started thinking maybe it was a joke and tat she was talking to her love the whole time and he was just being mean. She was confused. The boy started saying he really liked her and that he thought he loved her. She grew scared now. Her love came back on and started asking if she liked his roommate. She told him he was a very nice boy. He started asking if she would want to date them both, he and his roommate. She started thinking he didn't love her as he led on and didn't care if she was with another man. She told that to him and said she was sad. he told her he loved her so much but, wasn't sure if he was who she wanted.

After that they forgot about the whole thing until the girl got an offline message from the boy and it was saying he was going to take her away from her love because he loved her so much. She told her love and he got upset with his roommate. After that the boy was told he could only be a friend to the girl, he didn't like it but, he wanted to talk to her so he accepted the agreement. They all stopped talking because the boys computers got a virus and the girl never knew that. She grew lonely and thought her love would never talk to her again. So, she sent him a message saying she didn't want to be with him anymore.

The next week while she was on the computer the boy came on and told the girl that her love had been arrested for attempting to have sex with a minor. By this time the girl had already turned 14 years of age. She was so upset. She still loved him. The boy was nice and talked to her and made her feel better. She started realizing the boy wasn't such a bad guy. She grew to realize the man that she loved had lied to her. He never loved her and was just playing a mean joke. Now the boy says he loves the girl and she likes him a lot now but is afraid the same incident will happen again. The boy knows this and accepts it and will wait for her till she knows how she feels or even wants him. She found a better man.

After a couple years she met this boy in person. She never told him how she felt they just talked for a few years. She finally thought it was appropriate at the time they met that she told him she loved him. She did that and he was happy, he thought she never cared for him. But, he was wrong. Then they went out together for a year and they got married and had a baby girl. They were married for 5 years when the girl grew ill while she was pregnant with her second child. She gave birth to a baby boy and died a week after his birth. The baby boy was born sick and died the day after the mother.

This was a girl who was truely loved by her husband and got as she wished. This man was her miracle and she had now been loved and loved too.

The boy raised his daughter, she was raped at age 16 by the man her mother onced loved. The was sent to prison. The daughter gave birth to a baby boy and raised it. The father loved his wife so much that his daughter looked so much like her that he couldn't stand it anymore. He thought he would go crazy and think his daughter is his wife and do horrible things to her that wouldn't be horrible if it was his wife. He killed himself thinking he would be with his wife. But, he never found her. For he had been put in another place.

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