Friday, June 11, 2010

Ads Work In Your Blog.

I've been in the blog for almost 2 years and still I don't have any idea how to get paid through ads. I don't understand what widget means, even if I was looking in the internet and still don't know how it works in your blog. A blog for me is only a basis in were you going to express your thoughts and what you feel. There are ads telling how to earn money online through blogging. It's not that easy at all.

Well, I am thankful to Rechie who helped me figure this out. She explained to me everything and how ads work in your blog. Thanks Chie, I really appreciate it.

I deleted my old account too and import all my post in here. This is my new account. Hope everyone willing to follow me and I'll do same. Thank you also to my visitors and all upcoming visitors.

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Chie Wilks said...

wow...mention kaau is a pleasure to help and pass the knowledge I learned from the person who helped in blogging when I just a newbie to the new bloggers Chin...and u are always welcome to ask more questions about blogging basta kaya naku, i am willing to help...thanks for the mention hehehehe