Saturday, June 12, 2010

Saving Life Journey

My blog, my life as a student, my diary, a nurse. After taking up Diploma in Information Technology, I decided to proceed into a new career. I choose to shift into a new course. Bachelor of Science in Nursing, this is my course now. Yes, I am going to do nursing. This will be 4 years in hard work and struggle. I heard that doing nursing, is a hard task. It's you're responsibility to help people who are sick and suffered in pain. You save life. A nurse must be firm to face everything. You are in duty, and you should be responsible always.

Yes, I am ready and pretty excited! I know that I choose the right thing for myself and for my future. Someday, I will be on my duty, taking care of people and yet very soon I will be a nurse of my own family. It's my passion to help people and I know, Lord will always guide me at all times. More strive, and persevere to be able to pass and be proud, that I make it!

I must be thankful to my fiance, the love of my life, my inspiration.... Nathan!!

I am presenting this blog to everybody.. follow me.. I'll keep posting and update this blog, to share what I learn and my experiences being a student and a nurse soon.

I got enrolled last May, 2010. I received my classcard and paid school fees on the same date! I got everything what I need in my school, like subjects and certification of registration.

"We should all work diligently so we could have a better life."

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