Friday, October 17, 2008

Communication Art Day

Last October 10, 2008, STI Dipolog celebrating the IT Day and Com Art Day. We are having some activities to be done on that day and it was very much fun. There are some presentation that was for a contest and a good opportunity to each student to enhance their knowledge and skills. The Com Art Day was the highlight of the said event. The second year student and those who took up Com Art 3, was been busy preparing for the an activity that must be performed in the afternoon. There were contest that been ready for the activity and we must join or else get INC grades LOL. The second year students are required to pass one poem and one quotation that would serve as our project but it would be a contest at the same time. For those students who present there project well, will be the winner. I have my best friend Ken, my partner for posting poem. We search a poem for our presentation in the internet. Then we pick title " The Treasure of Life", very interesting isn't? Each student should perform in this activities or else we will failed.
Presenting to you our best poems of the day. So, proud! Ken is a good designer and a programmer too. He made the background design. Thanks for reading!

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