Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Education for Real Life

The increasing demand for computer professionals as an inspiration to set up training that will help streghten the foundation of the then booming industry of information technology(IT). Systems Technology Institute is a training center that delivers basic programming education to professional and students. STI now provides ICT-enhanced education in more than 100 campuses here and abroad. This school is nationwide and they provide the good quality of education to every students. Its unique with has Enrollment 2 Employments System arms you for a real life education so you can lean a job here and abroad.

Vision: To be a leader in innova
tive education that nurtures individuals to become competent and responsible members of society.

Mission: This institution committed to provide knowledge through development and delivery of superior learning systems. They strive to
provide optimum value to all stakeholders- studenst, faculty memebers, employees, partners, share holders and community. They pursue this mission with utmost integrity, dedication, tranparency and creativity.

The STI Theme Song!

Fly high with STI......

I am proud to be one of the student here in STI Dipolog. I learned a lot of things in here even if I encountered some consequences that it's hard dealing with it but still I'm growing in this school. I dont have any regrets that I still continuing and soon to be done. They were really teaching a high quality of education and for those past student who are now earning their courses, I am proud with them and they were one of my inspiration. I am taking Information Technology and learning C++ Language and Java Language. It's hard making programs, but its very interesting. It's a great to be part of this school and I treasured of all what I've experienced. Proud to be an STI'er. :)

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