Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Scuba Diving

Scuba (Self-Contained Underwater Breathing Apparatus) is an apparatus utilizing a portable supply of compressed gas supplied at a regulated pressure and used for breathing while swimming underwater. The apparatus is often called "scuba gear", a "scuba system" or simply "scuba". Scuba is also the common name for the sport (also called "diving" or "scuba diving") which uses the apparatus for recreational diving.

Like other acronyms (such as radar) scuba has become such an ubiquitous term for underwater breathing equipment and the recreational sport of deep diving that it is usually written without capitals. Even though it is an acronym it has entered common usage in the English language and may be used as a noun or adjective.

Scuba diving is popular, scuba diving is easy and scuba diving is fun. Scuba diving as outdoor recreation is gaining in popularity, while participation in other pastimes is diminishing. Today, scuba diving is accessible to almost anyone with only a modest investment in equipment. Anywhere you want to dive you can usually find a dive shop near-at-hand to rent tanks, go on a guided dive with a master diver, take a chartered boat or just strap on the tanks and swim out from the shore. Scuba diving is not a solitary sport; you will need a buddy on every dive. If you don't have a regular diving buddy, with whom you do all your diving, you will at least want to get to know other scuba divers you can go underwater with. Many diving communities have a "buddy board" where you can find like-minded scuba diving enthusiasts.
Here's the first pic we took, going to give for the first time. I was felt nervous though exciting. I was just thinking what would am I going to do or first step so I can be able to breath under water. Thats it hard or not? But I told myself I find it out later.

Wow...this was really awesome. When I was already underwater
, humm I was trying
to go ba
ck because I wasn't dont know how am I going to breath. Ahummm it was a lil bit scared because I am afraid being in a deep but someone makes me strong, it was Nathan trying to me calm down. We have the instructor who were giving us intructions to follow and signs so that we can be able to understand when were already under the water..haler..we can't talk to say OK! There is an specific sign for that!.. At that time Nathan was taking up for his license while me took introductory course. Hopefully, if I get a chance I might be able to get my license too so we can go diving anywhere. It was really a great experience, specially on the last day were diving, we got to had feeding the fish and it was really FUN.

This was amazing. Feeding fish underwater and kisses. Sweet!

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