Saturday, December 27, 2008

Anniversary and Christmas Gifts

This were the special gifts that I received from Nathan. I got my laptop as an aniversary gift. He said that it could help me for my studies and yes it does. I never expected for the big bear. He just said to me that he has another present and then after a day I received the laptop, I got the bear. It was sent it in our house around 7pm from LBC. I was felt so tired that time since I just get off from work, but when I got this huge bear it felt me better. I was never thought about it and I am so surprised. I am so thankful Nathan for everything.But the greatest gift I had within this year 2008, is having Nathan in my life and I could ask for more. Thankful to God as it is His plan for me this year 2008. After of all obstacles of life I had encountered, I took it as a challenge. So, whatever may happen there is always a purpose. If God given hard things that you thought you probably get weak, don't be tight yourself into some consequences. Be tough enough to face any difficults in life and when you survive, there is another God's plan that difinitely would makes you happy. Life is so great!

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Chie Wilks said...

Wow Chin, what a nice holiday gifts. Now that u have computer now u can work at home na with blogging.