Sunday, December 28, 2008

Happy New Year

New Year Myspace Comments

Happy New Year to everyone. I am feel great this day, since I got to fixed my blog and post more. I would try to post when I get a chance and that I like my page right now. The next year is pass approaching and I hope everybody has a great moment this year 2008. Well, this past few days I haven't talk to Nathan. It feels alone and lonely for this season, but I understand the situation since he can't get a chance to get online or call me. His going home right now and in military secrecy is all behind the reason. Its hard in my part and I bet for also those who have a long distance relationship. But you have to tough and all just wait that time will come to be in each other arms. I am still thankful, being far apart with my sweetheart still I keep moving on and waited for him.

Does everybody thought about new years resolution?

The first thing I am gonna do next year is to get baptize in the baptist church and visit church every sunday as I can. Its one of wish that I want to do it by next year and hopefully it'll will lead me to the right path of my life. Its my own seek for myself in which I would get closer to God. In were I could confidentially feel overwhelm to serve God with my whole heart. God is there always by each side thats why when I am weak, not to the extent goes it worst because I believe that God is there and Jesus save us.

I'll write more and I bet one of our instructor would ask. I need to be ready mine.!!



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