Friday, January 2, 2009

Five Resolution This Year

This is an awesome award that I got from Rechie. Its about posting your New Year Resolution this year 2009. I know that everybody has different resolution this new year. I am going to post mine in here and hopefully I could be able to make it come true.

My five New Year Resolution!
* To minimize getting mad/upset easy. I did most of days getting upset(nakatatanda kaya).
* Go to church, If I could oftenly.(my god!when was the last time I
I went to church)
* Get baptized and hopefully soon!
* Keep reading the books.(Bible and Christian Book) I wanted to
learn more and studied.
*Study hard and minimize laziness.

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1 comment:

Manifestation said...

Sounds interesting.I'm looking forward victories over victories.My resolutions include [stop Comparing,Complaining,Contending,Competing,Cynicism and Criticizing][Not to be swayed away by Prosperity,Praise,Honor,Disgrace,
Suffering,Censure,Decline,pleasure ].To Discipline and Strengthen my faith.Thank you.

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