Saturday, July 11, 2009


When I started learning about computers back in high school, it was quite interesting to know more. So, I decided to take up a computer course. There was been some opportunities that comes in my life after I graduated in high school. I wasn't directly continue to college due to a financial problem. Our barangay captain wife offered me a help that she's going to support me for college. It's not that easy to deal with this woman as what I've heard but I tried. She wanted me take up nursing and when I tried to checked myself and ask "what I really I want is what I wanna get". I am going to serve her but not all the time she's gonna manipulate my life. I have my own choice and decision for my life. It's not all the time you have to grab a certain opportunities. Well it doesn't mean "opportunities knocks once" but based in my experienced it's depend because not opportunities would lead to success some would bring you a disaster. It is always your own choice of life what you gonna be and what you wanted to achieve. Choose your own path!

Now, I am a second year student. I am taking up Diploma in Information Technology. This course is more about programming. It doesn't mean you just gonna say I want to learn computer yes of course you will learn about computers but not only into basic. You have to deal into complicated situation which is the major subject. And you know what, its hard, difficult and complicated to deal with programming, a codes! But its very interesting one, it is just I don't have the capability to store everything on my mind heheh. I learned a bit about programming. It makes me crazy! But although its a complicated topic for me I passed this major for the past two years. And now I am dealing and learning it again, the different language! I hope and hope I will pass again so I would be done in school.

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