Friday, June 5, 2009


Hey!, I wanna say Hello's to everyone specially to the people are still trying to drop by in my page. I wasn't busy lately it just I dont have time to post and I dont know what I am going to write in my blog. I've been thinking of different ideas but I have to be focus on it and deciding to post. I am not so much getting online. I go to cafe just only to talk to my boyfriend and I dont have time to spend blogging. I'm doing my blog when I was still working in cafe. I got bored so thats why I do blogging and post as many as I can. But now, I am no longer working in the cafe because it has only getting slow income and not much of customer. I'll just try to post if I get a chance, depends on mood. I am not really so much interested in blogging, I only do this as a personal page which I could only write whatever I wanted to express. As what you notice I dont even put any advertisement. This is just a public diary I guess. I've heard that some of bloggers are earning, good for them! Atleast to gain something of facing and stay up late just only to spend time in posting and having fun of course. Goodluck to everyone! Thank you so much for giving a single of second to drop in my blog. I do still visiting my blog not very often and I dont post as well. Keep updating and God Bless!!

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