Saturday, September 5, 2009

Sungkilaw Falls

We went to Sungkilaw Falls for some adventure. Its one of the tourist spot in Dipolog City. Me and fiancee decided to visit the falls. I thought that trip is good, but that time it was not really. The road is over the mountains and really rough. Oh ya, its one of the nicest place to outing with friends and family. The fresh water that really came from the mountain. Its cold. It was also raining that time. So the road was slippery and we need to be careful. We used my scooter that time to reach the place. I'm glad we did it and my bike was be able to survive. I've heard that scooter cannot be able to go through far places, but its amazing we did it. Imagining we almost driving on top of the mountains. They were three of us went to Sungkilaw falls. A friend from high school and a co- company attendant at cafe. The trip was fine and safe. I am glad that we were able to go visit the place.

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