Friday, May 28, 2010

STI - Retreat and Educational Tour

I know this is late to be posted. I got lazy and were busy at school that time. In this time of vacation, I got bored. Being at home inside my room all day is nonsense at all. I do nothing than watching movie, surfing the net well I do research too. I am cleaning my room, take care of my lil princess, feeding her everyday. I even go to town to get something then come home. I don't much go hanging around with friends. So, this time I'll go post any topic I can think of.

January 22 - 26, 2010
The STI'er left campus around 3pm in the afternoon last January 22, 2010. It's a free bus going to Dapitan port. We will be having our tour at Cebu City for 3 days and all of us second year student together with the Octoberian will be gone for 5 days (2 days in travel and 3 days tour in Cebu). It was not just a tour. First day in Cebu, January 23, 2010 (Saturday) arrived at Cebu port. We headed to our destination at Holy Family (Redemptorist) Retreat House. It' one of way that before you graduate,a bless for you, to reconcile, well its a Catholic way. There was this sister, you taught good things. Telling us appreciation of God's work and a thankful for everything and finally almost done in studies. January 24, 2010 (Sunday), the second day in Cebu. We left the retreat house and headed to Crown Regency Hotel were we going to stay for a night. This is it!! Tour of the queen city of Cebu. It was awesome though tired because it was a hot day, but all good anyway. We had our bus tour and a tour guide. FANTASTIC!! We had a great time inside our bus. Our tour guide was awesome. He was so funny and ya FUN!! so it's not boring. We did had a karaoke too, so see we really had a great time. We visited nice tourist spot in Cebu. Our tour guided introducing us those places, but you not all that interested to listen instead excited to see the place and took picture. Hehe!! We went to IT park and had a tour inside for some call center company. It was AWESOME!!

Anyways, I am not going to make this long story. Hehe!! I am sharing to you pictures in here. Click the link::

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