Friday, May 28, 2010

My Laptop broke

I got my laptop broke 2 weeks ago.
Last May 17, 2o10, was horrrible!!! It was a shit!! I got my laptop broken screen. It was playing movie attached to a TV screen LCD in the living room. I put my laptop outside when I feel to share them watching movie because I had a bunch of movie save in the external hard drive. Being a good that time was turn into big damage. I never thought that I encountered this problem. The first time I got my computer, first thought in my mind was what If this got broken, could be able to fix it? How am I going to protect this computer specially in viruses. But I am so glad, my fiancee purchase an anti virus for me and installed it to my computer. It is saved now from malwares and virus. Well, back on that day stated above, I was washing dishes while a movie is playing. People are there watching, my sisters, my family. Then, my sister called "Ate, look what happened to your computer?". Damn!! Its broken. I was yelling everybody. So mad!! Crying at the same time. And guess what no one can tell who did it. Also, you cannot blame a lil kid since he is just a kid and dont know what his doing. My niece is there too. The external hard drive was on the top of my computer, on the keyboard. Someone did close my laptop and hit that thing but no one see the crime. I went to Cagayan De Oro City last May 22 to attend my bestfriend's wedding and at the same I'd thought of looking a place to get my laptop fix, because I know this place is a big city. Unfortunately, I went to Sony Service Center and they don't have but they said to send my laptop to Manila, their main branch. The girl said, they have in their and cost more than 20thousand. Wow!! I cannot deal with that. I've look prices in the internet for LCD but its like more than 5thousand, so it's a lot of money. I didn't grab that opportunity, I don't want to be far away from my laptop. It doesn't took longer to fix this problem but the only thing that hard to find is the LCD that would definitely fit to my laptop. This a SONY VAIO NS SERIES NOTEBOOK.

Now, my computer still working. I still using it. But I attach this to the TV screen LCD to see all my desktop. Please, anyone knows were I am going to get this fix. I think that it needs to change an LCD. I cannot find it here in Dipolog. This was purchase in the US. I've been looking at the internet too. Well, I am not sure maybe I could find somewhere else within Philippines. I just really hope I can get this fix. I need LCD that would be fit in my laptop. HELP ME FIGURE THIS!!

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