Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Thank You My Love


I am done!!, finally.. I just finished my Diploma in Information Technology at Systems Technology Institute last April 16, 2010.

I am so happy and glad that my fiance Nathan, was be able to attend . In this picture was our baccalaureate day at Catholic Church Cathedral last April 15, 2010.

For 2 years in STI-Dipolog, everything is worth at the end. Well, actually I spent 3 years already.

It felt so wonderful when you get done in studies, with all the hard work and also with all that you encountered being a student,it is not that easy at all. But the only thing you can do, is that you can make it, you can do it. You must have the confidence to face all the trials. Be strong and believe that in the end everything is gonna be worth. If you going to study, it is not a waste of time and money, but is gaining a lesson to learn.Don't think that you cannot learn anything. You may not know, at the end you will realize how such wonderful those past years of life as a student, all the good things. Everything is worth!!!

It is also a good thing to have an inspiration while studying. First thing, I told myself.. If they can make it, I can do it too. I don't lost hope although I suffered so much. I may not mention everything what I did, but I can say it was hard in my part. But still I did it. Second, my fiance, Nathan who really inspired me. A very supportive man and who always told me "Baby, I know you can do it." He encourage me all the time. And yet, I don't wanna waste all his effort too. "Baby, thank you very much with all the support, love and care. I am nothing without you." Also, to my parents.. for always here with me.. thank you for everything. And most specially to God, who given me stregth. I cannot reach this time without them. And so happy, this is one of my dreams in life.

YES, thank you Lord for always with me. I AM GRADUATE!!! :D

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