Tuesday, June 15, 2010

First Day of School

It's was pretty cool. I met my classmates and all of them are so friendly. The first of school, was just like an ordinary happening in my life. It's like everybody know's each other already. We are just talk and talk, asking names and numbers. LOL!! But it was great, isn't it? Having a group of friends, that you build up in the first day of class. Well, we only met our PE (Physical Education) instructor. She only got our names, contact numbers and email add, then she let us go home. She gave us handout to study and its all about gymnastic. Doe's anyone know's how to gymnas and tumbling?? Yes, we have to work for it, and perform, to be able to pass. I can do it, if I will try and practice, wow! scary.. hehe!! In our afternoon class, our instructor didn't show up, so we just talk and talk! I have this girl classmate,who is married and very talkative. She's is pretty cool. She's making everybody's laugh. I am having a great time in my first day and I know I will enjoy this moment. Have a great day everyone!!

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Chie Wilks said...

hello Chin...woohooo new site...for a new course... great job...wui goodluck sa studies ha...