Friday, June 18, 2010

Life as a Nursing Student and Blog

I am getting busy lately at school. I have to do more research and do all my assignments. A life as a IT is totally different in NURSING life. I wanna make sure this time, that I could be able to pass all my subjects and perform the activities properly and correct. If you are going to take care of a patients, you should have the confidence and a knowledge to save life. Oh, yes I am getting interested in all our topics. I am not fond of reading books in school, but this time have to teach myself to love it and get use to it. You know there will be more books and lots of books that a nurse should study and read. Yeah, I am getting four books for my chemistry and TFN. For me as IT graduate, it's only easy to research in the internet, but not all references found in the internet, so books is present. Nursing is so expensive. Study hard and persevere is all you can do to make it worth. And I would love to take care of people who are sick. I know that what I learn in my studies, will lead me to a better life and to my family.

That sad face, is refer to my blog. I cannot do more blog hopping unless I get a chance. I am so thankful that still more bloggers visiting my site. It is really appreciated!! I am going to visit you one day. Anyways, I have to go! Getting ready, I am going to school today for our orientation. God Bless everyone...

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Chie Wilks said...

it's ok chin if you decided to delete your other blog...your studies should be your top priority. You made the right hard baye..hehehhe