Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Slow Connection

This is really pissed me off. It's been a while that I am experiencing this and that I cannot blog hopping or go visit the blog world. It won't let view all the features due to connection really really slooowwwww. Anyways, please any one could help me explain "What is a widget?". I tried to get this EC, but I keep refused because I don't have any widget. I don't know what is this or where I am going to have this thing. Help me please figure this out.

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ღChindyღ said...

aww..!!I tried to look what is widget and then get through wordpress, and guess what I guess I cannot use it since my server is not compatible but not really sure. Well, back to our web page project, we didn't use my laptop since its not compatible to Mysql application. So, we decided to rent a computer, which is using windows. I am vista. :((