Saturday, June 5, 2010

My Laptop got fixed

Finally, I got my precious gift fixed. My new LCD screen beside the old damaged screen in this picture. I've posted here about my laptop that got broken and I was asking for some help to where I am going to get this fix. Google helps me a lot. I kept searching in the internet, until I get through this site store. I found this very interesting and I was really hope that they had the parts of my laptop that I am looking for. I contacted first the cebu branch, since that what I find first, their cellphone number there. They told me they have the parts and how much is it. Well, I really don't know there exact site till that cebu branch gave it to me. Then, I went to the site and found out they have the main brach in Pasay, Manila. I got the contact numbers in main branch and asked them about my concern. Fortunately, same information that I got from Cebu, so because I can't send my laptop in Manila, I just waited time to get a chance to go to Manila. Now, my laptop is fixed now. It's quite expensive but worth, not really cost for a new brand new laptop too. I am so happy and glad. I know that its kinda hard to look spare parts of laptop once it get broken, but because of this smart people, they build a shop in were they only fix laptops problems. It is a small shop and when I got in, they laptops around, some maybe are damaged and some also are new. If you going to order, they can ship it to you, but you have to pay the shipping fee too. So, anybody out there, having trouble about your laptop, get sometime visit pinoylaptops .

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