Saturday, July 3, 2010

5 Days Not Online

It's been a while and yes it is. I wasn't be able to get online for the past five days due to that my computer was acting up. Or let's say it was my fault. It started like this. Last sunday morning, my computer still in good condition and the connection was fine too! Well, I noticed my yahoo messenger, everytime I start it and get on, it don't have the big smile :D. So, I decided to uninstall the program and download a new one. Unfortunately, even if the connection was good, it took so long in installing the program that as far as I know, it only takes 5 to 10 minutes. Then, I cancelled it and look for another one downloader. Until, I came up and install the old one version which I don't like it. I keep looking the new version of yahoo, but the problem is that it wont install in my computer. Well, as IT.. I did things that I don't know, if it's good or not. What may cause if I uncheck or check anything. I think I went to the settings, and do something in there which causes blocking of connection. It was really pissed me off though I know its my fault! I tried to connect to internet but it wont let me. If I can be able to connect to internet then I have the connection still I cannot open the browser, which says I don't have connection. When I diagnose the problem, it says adjust the settings, there might be blocking of connection. So, I don't know where to look at it. But I keep trying and trying. For five days, yes tried to work and fixed it. I decided to brought my laptop in the school, checking if its really the connection or my computer because I don't have any virus at all. Well, last friday, I brought my laptop and get inside the library. They do have a good wifi connection there! When I got connected, and try to browse Internet Explorer still no connection even though I am connected to the internet and its fast connection too! But fortunately, I was able to fixed it. Guess what, my mind busy thinking how am I going to solve the problem.. I went to my class, Chemistry at the laboratory. Wow! We had marathon quizzes, and I think I failed! Not ready! My head was starting to hurt again. So I answered what I remember and escape blanks if I don't have any idea at all or give the wrong answer. (TSAMBA)!! I was sad and mad at myself at the same time. After the 2 hours class, I went to library again, because I have one hour break then back to class at 4pm for the orientation class. I have my classmate there, and asked help. Well, they don't have any idea to computer stuff instead they only know how to browse the net. I asked for help like, to search in google how to fix my computer! I came up to many suggestion and I did. But its not working too..! My head was hurting so really really bad! but still trying to fix my computer. (Tsamba again)! It's 10 minutes more to go, then the class will start again! When I got it, I wen to google to install yahoo messenger which my purpose why I wanted to get through internet. I need it since thats the only way me and my fiance communicating to each other or let's say the best way. We can talk to skype but he don't like it! We both like yahoo messenger and we are very much comfortable using it. So yeah, that's what is all about! Thanks to all my visitor! I am visiting you back..

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