Tuesday, July 6, 2010

I'm sick

Have a good day everyone. Sorry for not able to be online like everyday.. I was tired and sleepy for the past few days..due to what I took medicine. Yes, I got check up last monday.. finally!! for how many decades past that I am suffering to much headache. It is getting bad, because I always have it like everyday and I think it will affect my studies because I cannot study and memorize at the same time, of what I read! It's hard! I told my fiance about it, and that he told me to go doctor. I am afraid for what may the result and I hate it. I don't like going to doctors even when I was a child, specially when they do touching you, checking you. Waaaaaaaa I hate it! Haha.. but I went to doctor instead, when I am sick which is no longer a normal pain. I am feeling better now, but taking this medicine falling me into a deep sleep. I have two weeks under observation and I'll be alright.

School's doing great. I am getting more interested everyday. I love it! Though its hard, but I am enjoying it. I am looking forward, to be able to finish this course and hopefully soon.

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Chie Wilks said...

i wish you all the best in your studies chin..study hard and focus more on your studies first...para mnurse na daun ehhehe