Monday, September 27, 2010

Google Letter

I received a letter from google. It says that I going to redeem this offer but when I tried it, I got confused. But anyways, what really is this? Anyone could help me found this out. But this is really amazing, for 5 years in the blog this is first time that google sent me a letter hehe.
Oh!! Sorry, I wasn't able to be here. I am so busy in my studies and my training. I actually had lots to share about whats been happening. I am so much thankful because after all the sacrifice, I did it. I was able to finished my basic officer training in ROTC. Its one of the greatest achievement I did this semester. It was hard but worth at all. I will be busy again for the following days, doing my projects, I think I gotta need to start and also preparing for our induction next month. YepeY! My fiance is coming home soon. Together again, and be busy too. I'll share when I get a chance.
Thanks to google. Hope someone could help me, before September 30 ends. :D

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