Thursday, August 12, 2010


It's been a while that I have not here in blog world. I am still in the earth, but it was just I can't have a time to post in here. I visited blog, not really often and read some posts.Well, I have nothing to write anyway. It's like there is on my thought, but just cannot get a chance to share it. I wait the time and in mood to write something about. I am going share what's been happening so far in me. Let me start! Lately, I was quite busy in life so far, I am doing great. When I get a chance, I rest and relax of being tired of a day. Schools and Home, my daily routine in this moment. Study and sleep early mostly I did. First thing, I just joined the ROTC. Actually, when I entered this school, after a month of schools, I decided to join officer. I never thought this could be hard, but eventually its worth and I am having fun. I am enrolled in Basic Officer Training Course and having my training at Dipolog School of Fisheries. It just started! I have to manage my time, and be on the internet, is getting less. I have to focus on my studies, which is my first priority. I have dealing hard time this time, but I believe that everything is gonna be alright. This is life and have to deal with it. It's like go with the flow of life, but I can't deny that sometimes I complain about life. It's hard, isn't it? But you know what, with all those sacrifice and hard times that you are dealing with, at the end its worth. You won't regret, facing those trials in life. I never go out and hang out with my new classmates, which I noticed, its kinda boring. I should probably joining with them sometimes. Well, they are still too young and may experiencing new things which I already done before, so I just stay inside my room most of the time.

Thank you to all visitors!!!

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