Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Happy First Year Anniversary

I am a member of a christian site which is called meetchristians.com. I like to visit this site just only reading the verses. Once you log in on this site there is a verse that is present first and that would makes me interesting to sign up and main purpose. I was not there to look for a date, maybe some friends would be consider. It was 2005 when I signing up in this site and I don't open it much, sometimes when I get a chance. I met some friends online from this site and it was very glad, since there were most christians, kinda interesting. When I started working in the internet cafe, I tried it everyday open just to visit and still I received some letters from strangers people. Then, one day Nathan sent a HI and introduce his self for in short. I replied for those people who were give a single time to wrote in me, so I respond Nathan of his letter. It was started on October 4, 2006 and then, we continously talking through chat everyday. Then, found each other saying I love you and accepted each others precious love. I never thought that I would fall in love to a man that I just met online but its worth ever. We met in person and prove to each others true feelings. And now we are been year and its a long relationship even we dont see each other always but we still keep the love in every hearts. We hope to be together soon and stay forever. Its hard to deal with an long distance relationship but just stay faithful and loyal most be honest to your partner and willinng to wait, its worth for the person who is deserving. I will always love him.

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