Friday, May 28, 2010

Our Princess

We call this as our family. Let me introduce our lil princess. Born on January 29, 2010. She's is almost 4 months now. A very lil cutty Japenese Spitz. She's a hairy puppy, all white and I like it. She's taking care very much from her food, vitamins everyday, take her a bath and specially always keep clean her cage. Yes, she is in the cage were she stay and sleep. She can go out to go poop and pee and play inside our house. We go walking outside too, usually running. She play a lot and love to play with someone. I don't let her go out alone because I hate when she got all dirty and also play to other puppies. She got bugs. I want her to always be clean. Well, because she's white then she got diry easily. I always make sure that her bowl has a water, she love to drink water most specially after playing. And put a food too, whenever she can have something to eat at a time. It's a good dog. This kinda dog is easy to be train. But after two days since we bought her, we left to Boracay then Manila. I was out of town for 8 days. My family is the one who been watching her. She was sad, Nathan and me can tell. She just stay in my room. Go out whenever my brother or sisters wants to play with her. That time, since she was stuck in my room, then she learn on her own to poop and pee inside my room near my door. So when I get back,it took me so long to teach her pooty outside and pee. I know that once after she eat meals, wait for a couple of minutes then time for her. Well, I took her outside. But guess what she don't want to instead she go run and play until she get in my room and found her comfort room. It was hard in my part. When go outside, she got bugs too.Then, also biting my stuff. Until I decided to get her a cage, which I called a home for her. I don't want her to ruin my stuff and this she can be train. I am going beack to school again, and princess will be stuck in my room. I don't want that she will try get my things messy while I'm gone. I know my mother cannot watch her all the time. Putting her in the cage is a safe way too. So, she won't go out alone and might somebody pick her and steal. She can still be going out, play outside if I am around. That's the only time she can get a chance to play. I think getting her bugs outside cannot be avoided. But princess cannot just be inside all the time. I only keep checking her and always keep her clean. Thats the only way to get her out from being sick. Always maintain cleanliness. Me and Nathan loves her so much. We treat her like a baby. She's my company and I love her. I thank my baby for getting princess with me. Here's pic of our PRINCESS : OUR LIL PRINCESS.

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